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USPS Zip Code Lookup

USPS Mail Rates - Effective May 14, 2007

USPS Dimensional Standards Template

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The United States Postal Service has approved the increase in postage rates recommended by the Postal Rate Commission (PRC). Those new rates will take effect as of January 8, 2006.

The U.S. Postal Service website provides reference data on all things postal. Zip Code Lookup, Find a post office location, check rates, read postal updates and more  Please see the links below:

•  USPS Zip Code Lookup

•  USPS Mail Rates - Effective May 14, 2007

•  Albuquerque ASF
•  Atlanta BMC
•  Billings ASF
•  Buffalo ASF
•  Chicago BMC
•  Cincinnati BMC
•  Dallas BMC
•  Denver BMC
•  Des Moines BMC
•  Detroit BMC
•  Fargo ASF
•  Greensboro BMC
•  Jacksonville BMC
•  Kansas City BMC
•  Los Angeles BMC
•  Memphis BMC
•  Minneapolis/St. Paul BMC
•  New Jersey BMC
•  Oklahoma City ASF
•  Philadelphia BMC
•  Phoenix ASF
•  Pittsburgh BMC
•  Saint Louis BMC
•  Salt Lake City ASF
•  San Francisco BMC
•  Seattle BMC
•  Sioux Falls ASF
•  Springfield BMC
•  Washington DC BMC  

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